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At the annual Conference of the INGP in Peru in October 2010, it was suggested that Jamaica host a regional workshop with the aim of strengthening the Caribbean participation in the Network and supporting the development of government procurement in the Caribbean.

  1. Exchange of experiences and lessons learned among countries of the Latina America and
    Caribbean region.
  2. Present and review current regional initiatives aimed at supporting the Caribbean countries in
    procurement modernization.
  3. Develop areas of common interests and forge a working alliance between the CPPN and INGP.
  4. To expose CARICOM Member States to international best practice on the technical areas
    included in the scope of the FRIP with the objective of CARICOM achieving consensus on that
    regional policy.

The Commonwealth Public Procurement Network (CPPN) is an initiative of the Commonwealth Secretariat involving countries of the British Commonwealth.

The Secretariat has taken steps towards the establishment of a Caribbean branch of the CPPN. The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) is a regional integration movement of fifteen independent Caribbean States which, in its current form- the CARICOM Single Market- was established under the 2001 Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas. The main administrative body for the Caribbean Community is the CARICOM Secretariat.
The states have committed to the full establishment of the CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME). CARICOM is in the process of formulating a regional public procurement agreement under the CSME.
The administrations of the different international organizations involved have agreed to cooperate in hosting a collaborative regional workshop in Jamaica so as to make the most efficient use of the financial resources available to support government procurement in the Caribbean region.
The valuable effort currently lead by CARICOM to achieve consensus on a Framework Regional Integration Policy on Public Procurement (FRIP), will be reinforced by the presentations and exchanges planned for the government procurement workshop.


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