Regional Data

This section refers to repositories of information on statistics, progress, legislation, initiatives, etc., of the member countries of the INGP on different topics on public procurement.

Sustainable Public Procurement Regional Platform

The Sustainable Public Procurement Platform is a repository of information developed in collaboration with the OAS, as Technical Secretariat of the INGP, the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) in collaboration with INGP member countries, with the aim of accessing good practices, examples of legislation that allow the implementation of sustainable criteria, and a repository of useful and reference information for the incorporation of sustainability in public procurement processes.

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Data Studio- Electronic Reverse Auction in Latin America- 2017

Only 17% of procurement entities have adopted the Electronic Reverse Auction process in the region, with exceptional cases such as Ecuador and Peru with 65% and 41%, respectively, due mainly to the mandatory use of EIS contemplated in their national standards.

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