Tollkit: Women in public procurement


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Public procurement has been used as a tool to promote socio-economic objectives, providing an optimal way to combat poverty and promote economic growth at the country level. Women’s economic empowerment is no exception; however, their access to these market opportunities has not been an easy task. 
Women entrepreneurs face complex obstacles in accessing economic opportunities, encountering barriers ranging from legal constraints to socio-cultural patterns, which must be addressed by governments through the promotion of participatory spaces and the implementation of initiatives aimed at reducing gender gaps. 
Chile and the Dominican Republic are clear examples of how public contracting has registered a marked increase in women’s participation in the market, thanks to capacity building strategies and their inclusive systems, experiences that can serve as a guide to other countries to promote the generation of tools that allow their economic empowerment. 
This Toolkit contains a series of recommendations based on these practices and is intended to serve as a tool to facilitate their implementation.