Nomination of the “Award for Innovation on Government Procurement”


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With the purpose of improving domestic procurement systems in the region, the Inter-American Network on Government Procurement (INGP), and the agencies that support it, will annually recognize a member institution of the INGP that presents a high-impact initiative on government procurement, with the “Award for Innovation on Government Procurement”. 

Special mentions may be awarded to entities that present sufficient merit and have carried out special efforts, reforms, and/or meet with certain criteria of the Award. 

Voting will take place before the INGP’s Annual Conference and the Award will be presented during the Conference itself. The participation process and criteria are described below. 



  • Support countries in the region in their effort to modernize and reform procurement systems.
  • Recognize best practices for the optimization of government procurement nationwide.
  • Encourage all member countries of the INGP to strengthen their national procurement systems in order to achieve better results.


Criteria for the Award for Innovation on Government Procurement.


Award Nominatios 2012:

Please click on the following countries to view the profile of the projects:

1. Brazil: Sustainable Public Purchases in Brazil.

2. Chile: Administration of electronic contacts in public market.

3. Costa Rica: Implementation of framework agreements.

4. Mexico: Implementation of new acquisition models of the Government Procurement System.

5. Mexico:  Implementation of an electronic procurement system including business intelligence functionalities.


In order to nominate the initiative of the country that you consider with the highest impact, please click on the following link. This nomination is exclusive for the members of the INGP. 

Nomination 2012

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