Important advances in public procurement in Uruguay


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On Friday May 11 President Jose Mujica signed two rules that allow a qualitative leap Uruguay as far as their procurement management concerns.

The first of these two cases is the decree that gives Text of force to Accounting and Financial Management State (TOCAF), body of rules that guide financial aspects of procurement and management in the State.

This update introduces several regulatory improvements to existing mechanisms incorporating acquisitions that years ago are present in other countries and are considered best practices: framework agreements, reverse auction, among others.

Regarding the second, the President appoints authorities Procurement and Contracting Agency State, thus founding step for the establishment of this unit will powers which makes updating legislation, training of staff, provision of management tools and advice to the Executive Branch, among others. Some of these activities were already running, but without the institutional support is achieved now.

-Joseph named authorities Clastornik (President), Diego Pastorin, Apezteguía Pedro, Jose Saavedra and Cristina Zubillaga-whose first committed to prepare and submit to the Executive of the Agency’s Strategic Plan.

In the words of the current Project Manager Procurement and Contracting State, Adrian Way: “This is a big step for Uruguay , something that had been working for years. And I have no doubt that had INGP of the credit for this achievement, since the possibilities of exchange of the experiences and successes in the region, and ultimately the interest in emulating good practices achieved by other countries, makes us all members improve: in the network may well be said that marks the “One for all and all for one.” From these presidential decisions, hard work and long journey we Uruguay forward, and it is good to know that the network of contacts within the reach RICG to support us in that way. “

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