Government Procurement Expo Panama 2013


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Since 2006, when the Electronic System of Procurement, PanamaCompra, was created, the state has hired, with the private enterprise, more than 16 million balboas worth of goods, contracts, services, and among others. The Expo in Panama has gathered for the first time all state entities.

During the two days of the expo, suppliers came into direct contact with procurers and had the opportunity to share new tendencies and specifications about their products or services, in order to guide the state on how to acquire better quality and cheaper goods and services; as reflected by the successful experiences of well developed countries on the issue of government procurement, such as Chile, Ecuador, and Mexico, who have also developed similar events on the topic and shown positive results from the standpoint of the state and the suppliers.

Due to its excellent attendance of suppliers and procurers, The expo transforms itself into an annual event in Panama, as it has received the holding for Public Procurement and President of the Inter-American Network on Government Procurement (INGP), Eldis Ivan Sanchez .

During the scope of the event, the First International Seminar on Public Procurement was undertaken, including the participation of national and international expositions, which have provided new tools on how tendering process can be done with complete transparency and efficiency.

The event counted with the support of the program of the British Embassy, to promote economic reform and efficiency on public expenditure, and was organized by the Organization and International Production S.A. (OPISA) and backed by the Directorate of Government Procurement and Contracting (DGCP). It is worth highlighting that three recognitions were given to public entities, the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) due to its participation on the training on Government Procurement; the National Police (NP) for their good practices on procurement on the Electronic Catalog of Goods and Services, and the National Bank of Panama for their accurate application of the “Ley 22” in the selection of contractors

“This looks to highlight the processes of contracting and to the entities to work as role models for all of those who strive for the compliance of norms, efficiency, and transparency of government procurement,” stressed Sanchez

The acting minister of Economy and Finance, his Excellency Omar Castillo, also expressed his satisfaction for an event of such nature, in pursuit of excellence in government procurement.

This event was mostly attended by administrative directors, technology directors, legal consultants, procurement managers, appraisers, and warehouse managers of governmental agencies.

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