DGCP of Panama and CEGESTI Sign an Agreement to Boost Sustainable Public Procurement in Panama


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The General Directorate of Public Procurement (DGCP) and the Centre for Technology and Industrial Information Management (CEGESTI) of Costa Rica have signed an agreement to combine efforts in the boosting and implementation of Public Procurement (SPP) in Panama. 
“Panama is committed to support the execution of Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP). We should be aware that in any country, the public sector is the biggest consumer, such that this becomes a call for our transformation into role models, and not only as a sole call for the good management of public funds, but also as a response to the variable decisions that occur in the market. This project will develop the politics of the acquisition of goods and services and engage environmentally responsible citizens.” emphasized the head of Public Procurement, Eldis Ivan Sanchez.
According to Sanchez, work is being done to establish a plan to carry out sustainable public procurement in Panama, such as validating the list of products and services that will lead to the drafting of recommendations for the implementation manual on the topic of public procurement of state public entities in Panama. The plan also includes the definition of general guidelines, purpose, lines of action and possible obstacles for the project, and the reach of the agreement with the organization.
On the other hand Silvia Aguilar, Coordinator of the Environment and Development Program of CEGESTI, considers the agreement to be highly relevant; such that leadership exercised by the DGCP has had important results in the implementation of good practices in public procurement.
“We are certain that knowledge will be gained and the tools that are jointly developed will be of great benefit for the promotion of sustainable development in Panama” was stressed.
Such agreement includes the provision of technical assistance to the DGCP from CEGESTI: during the definition process of the plan of action for the implementation of the CPS in Panama, training for public servants in CPS, virtual and personal technical assistance to the orientation of the politics, management of procurement of the entity in order to define an implementation of criteria on sustainability in the agreement, and to instruct workers on customer services; such that they become exponential agents of CPS by the use of their trainings.
The agreement also gave way to the introductory workshop on sustainable public procurement, to which legal advisers, procurement chiefs, administrative directors, project directors, finance directors, and other officials from state institutions. Such agencies include the Controller General of the Republic , Administrative tribunal for public procurement, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Social Development, The Ministry of Labour and Labour Development , the Secretariat of Energy, the authority on Small and Medium Enterprises, Ministry of Public works, and the National Environmental Authority.

Panama was chosen by the United National Environment Program (UNEP) to become one of the pilot countries in the second phase of the regional project of sustainable public procurement and eco-ticketing. Such efforts will complement the study’s results and will be development jointly with CEGESTI.