ChileCompra 2013 Fair Convened more than 12,000 People on the Topic of Business with the State


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Throughout  40 workshops, state suppliers received recommendations concerning the executions of better offers on the public market, meanwhile procurers learned how to carry out terms of tender with better quality and clarity.


The ChileCompra 2013 fair was realized on May 15 and 16 in the Cultural Center Mapocho Station, with over 12 thousand visitors, 40 free Workshops, 6 thousand assistants for trainings, and 200 exhibitions stands.


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The ChileCompra observatory placed a special emphasis on fomenting good practices on public procurement, and how to warn, prevent, and correct potential irregularities on procurement that are realized by public agencies. The observatory also promotes a standard on the quality and good practices of the processes on public procurement with the goal of augmenting the levels of transparency, efficiency, and integrity.


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