X Annual Conference of the INGP -Government Procurement for Development – 2014


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The Tenth Annual Conference on Government Procurement in the Americas which took place on the 28 to 30th of October 2014 at the Sheraton Hotel in Asuncion, Paraguay was organized by The Inter-American Network on Government Procurement (INGP) and the National Agency of Procurement (DNCP) of Paraguay, along with the support of the Organization of American States (OAS), the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), and the International Development Research Centre (IDRC).
The President of the Republic Paraguay, Mr. Horacio Cartes, participated in the opening of the Conference along with Minister of Finance, Mr. German Rojas, the Director of the National Procurement Agency of Paraguay, Mr. Santiago Jure, the President of the INGP 2013-2014 and Director of the Logistics Department in Brazil, Mrs. Ana Maria Vieira, the Lead Specialist for the Program Supporting Inclusive Growth for the IDRC, Mr. Ben Petrazzini, the Representative of the IDB in Paraguay, Mr. Eduardo Marques Almeida, the Secretary of Political Affairs of the OAS, Dr. Kevin Casas-Zamora and the Representative of the OAS in Paraguay, Mr. Diego Paz Bustamante.
The event hosted over 400 civil servants, specialists, members of academia, international experts, and representatives from international agencies such as the OECD, OAS, IDB, UNDP, UNEP, CEGESTI, and among others.

Topics in the agenda are as follows:

  • Keynote: “Twenty-first Century Challenges in Public Procurement.”  
  • Public Procurement as a driver for Economic Growth  
  • Keynote: Institutionalizing Public Procurement “The importance of the Processes in Public Procurement.” 
  • Using the Purchasing Power of the State in order to Achieve Sustainable Development.  
  • Evaluation Methods: Value for Money 
  • Keynote: Participation and Competition in Public Procurement.
  •  The Challenge of Measuring the Performance of Public Procurement.  
  • Using Technology for Innovating Public Procurement

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Winners of the 2014 INGP Awards

The Award “Joseph François Robert Marcello” was given to Dr. Yokasta Guzmán, Director of the Procurement Agency in the Dominica Republic for her leadership and commitment in the development of this important task in public administration.
On the other hand, the award “Innovation on Government Procurement” is given to the best-developed initiatives that optimize the processes in government procurement at a national level. The awards were given accordingly:

Category 1: Innovation in the implementation of new information technologies in government procurement:

  • Honorable Mention: National Service of Public Procurement – SERCOP of Ecuador for the initiative of the “Facilitator Module in Public Procurement – ‘USHAY’.” 
  • Winner of the First Category: The Procurement Agency of Chile with the initiative – ChileCompra Observatory.

Category 2: Innovation in the reform of institutions and/or of the regulatory framework

  • Honorable Mention: The National Procurement Agency of Paraguay for the initiative in the “Simplified Process for the Acquisition the agricultural product in family farming.” 
  • Winner of the Second Category: The Supervising Agency (OSCE) of Peru for the initiative “Participation of in the Development of Capacities of state actors in Government Procurement.

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