Workshop on Quality and Price Evaluation for Government Procurement (Best Value for Money)


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The goal of this workshop was to understand and analyze the different approaches to achive better value for money in government procurement. Also, we discussed common rules for bid evaluation and shared best practices implemented in Latin America and the Caribbean.

During the event, among other topics, we addressed the strategic goals of government procurement and the importance they have in achieving the efficiency and effectiveness of relevant processes and procedures. In addition, we practiced quantitative methods and procedures for bid evaluations under the best value for the money approach while identifying some common mistakes and weaknesses in the implementation of price – quality approach.

Workshop Topics:

  • The goals and preferences of the buyer.
  • Participation and award criteria.
  • The different approaches to value for money.
  • The price-based approach and the price-quality relationship approach.
  • Rules on government procurement assessment.
  • The focus on the product life cycle.
  • The net present value of an offer.