VI Annual Conference on Government Procurement in the Americas


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During the Sixth Annual Government Procurement Conference of the Americas was attended by over 1200 people from the public and private sectors of Peru, and international experts intersados ​​in the experience of the Network highlights the participation of various international organizations such as UNCITRAL, the Commission European UNOPS, UNEP and the GS1 Peru.

The Sixth Annual Conference on Government Procurement of the Americas was held in Lima, Peru during the 13th and October 15th, 2010. Were performed on days 13 and 14 October the public meetings by international experts and managers from government procurement offices in the Americas. Among the issues discussed in these sessions include: The role of public procurement in the economic and social development, social inclusion through public procurement, sustainable public procurement, contracts and government procurement under globalization, new trends and developments in public procurement agenda in the Americas, among others.

During the meeting, members-only OAS officials and agencies, President INGP, Javier Davila, spoke about the activities of the various support programs since the last Annual Conference of the Inter-American Network on Government Procurement (Mexico, September 2009) to the Annual Conference of Peru (Lima, October 2010).

Also alluded to the achievements of the Network and support programs and projects during this period, and the recognition of the agencies provided support in the activities of the Network said the award “Joseph François Robert Marcello” to leadership in public procurement in which there were 10 nominees and two winners, second, Shirley Gayle Sinclair of Jamaica and first Jorge Luis Gonzalez of Ecuador.

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