Reunión de Autoridades Responsables de las Estrategias de Cooperación para el Desarrollo de Sistemas Electrónicos de Compras Gubernamentales de la Comunidad Andina


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The meeting was organized by the Electronic Systems Project Management Information and Government Procurement in the Andean Community and the Office of Trade, Growth and Competitiveness of the Organization of American States. 

Objective: To analyze the progress of the integration process and identification of needs that require a joint solution alternative, which justify the creation of the Inter-American Organization of Government Procurement Institutions (OIICG). 
Since 2002 the Andean Community and the OAS have been working together supporting the countries of the Andean region in their strategies to modernize their government procurement systems for grade and development. Among the first activities were preliminary assessment missions and meetings of coordination to device a Plan of Work. 

This Plan of Work has been implemented during 2004 and 2005. The plan has included the participation of countries of the Andean Community in activities of hemispheric scope under the framework of the OAS EGovernment Procurement Program, preparations of E-GP profiles and support of strategies for technical cooperation. 
This meeting counted with the attendance of 14 government procurement authorities and negotiators of government procurement chapters in free trade agreements of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela. 
The agenda included presentations and round tables to discuss issues of common interest and to identify the most important areas and specific issues for technical cooperation. Among the areas of interest identified in the meetings are: 
  1. Competitive participation of SMEs in Government Procurement.
  2. Cataloguing.
  3. Contracts models.
  4. Harmonization.
  5. Database systems.
  6. Audit and management mechanisms.