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The Inter-American Network on Public Procurement (INGP), and the General Directory of Public Procurement in Panama, with the support of the Organization of American States (OAS), the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), and the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), present the VIII Annual Conference on Public Procurement in the Americas. This Annual Conference, which this year has the support of the World Bank, is the premiere exponent of dialogue, exchange of ideas, organizational and administrative capacity of the INGP—and it has become the most relevant forum for technical discussions on the promotion of progress in development and public procurement in the Americas. 

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Duties of Annual Conference

1Serve as a forum for dialogue among its members to discuss progress in the region in public procurement and strategic issues for their development in theAmericas.

2Elect the President and the Executive Committee of the Red as appropriateaccording to the rules of operation thereof.

3Discuss and approve the Annual Work Plan proposed by the ExecutiveCommitteeincluding its activities and resources necessary to carry out the same.

4Analyze and approve the annual report of the Executive Committee on implementation of the Annual Work Plan.

5 Define more convenient actions for recruitment of resources from national,bilateral or multilateral agreements for the successful fulfillment of the objectivesand activities contained in the Annual Work Plan of the Network



Consists of
 the top-level executives of the institutions of member countries, whomay delegate their representation to another person on your team when they are unable to participate in the Annual Conference.

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