Online Course “Management on Government Procurement”


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The “Management on Government Procurement” online course was developed by the OAS with the support of international consultants with experience in the Management on Government Procurement systems in Latin America and the Caribbean.
Languages: Only available in spanish.
Objective: The professional development of public servants in the area of government procurement methods and best practices to ensure modern management of procurement in works, goods and government services.
Throughout the course, participants can acquire and consolidate key concepts of Government Procurement. Efforts were made to guarantee that the course includes a review of the most important aspects of a modern procurement system so that, after the course the participant may have a well rounded understanding of its management and components.
Main themes:
  1. Fundamentals of Government Procurement.
  2. Procurement process and management prior to the awarding of the contract.
  3. Procurement process and management post-awarding of the contract.
  4. The use of information technology in government procurement.
Course length: Seven (7) weeks (100 hours).
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