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Winners Second Edition 2013

Innovation Award on Government Procurement
Winners Second Edition 2013
During the public session of the Ninth Conference of the INGP 2013, it was awarded the Innovation Award on Government Procurement with the aim, among others, to recognize and highlight the best initiatives for optimization of processes in government procurement at a regional level.

The Regional Prize was awarded to the Public Procurement Policy Unit of the Ministry of Civil Service of Mexico for its initiative CompraNet - Market Intelligence in the category of innovation in the implementation of new information technology on government procurement and for its high impact and contribution in public procurement. The award was received by Javier Dávila Pérez, Head of the Unit.

Also, the prize was awarded in the category of institutional reforms and/or regulatory framework to the following countries::

Panama for the Central America Region with its initiative on Framework Agreements on International Air fares. The award was received by María Teresa Jaen, Coordinator of Framework Agreements (Management and Monitoring of Air Tickets Office), from the General Directorate of Public Procurement of Panama.

Peru for the Region of South America with its Arbitration Record initiative. The award was received by Magali Rojas, Executive President of the State Procurement Agency (OSCE, abbreviation in Spanish).

The criteria taken into account for selection were:

• Innovation and creativity: Implementing new solutions to improve procurement systems.
• Impact: Demonstrating the impact and improving the weaknesses that led to the reform of the system.
• Beneficiaries: Description of the beneficiaries and the impact achieved on them.
• Sustainability: Durability of the initiative in the medium and long term.
• Replicability: demonstration effect for other countries.

One prize will be awarded up to USD 2,000 to the regional winner of the Award in the category "Innovation in the implementation of new information technology in government procurement" for the principal representative or a delegate at the institution to take an updating Study on a topic of interest regarding government procurement, attending a training course on the subject or by visiting any country with outstanding experience.

A USD 1,000 Prize will be awarded per subregion in the category "Innovation in institutional reforms and/or regulatory framework" that can be used by the winning institution to fund training instances or bibliography (subscription to journals, purchase of books, etc.) linked to government procurement. The winners will be awarded a symbolic recognition during the ceremony.
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