11 December 2018 07:24 AM
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Web sessions

Facilitate the exchange of experiences and good practices, and automate contact between members RICG.

Assistance to Peru 2012

Forms drug procurement
Procurement entities of INCOP elaborate in a collaborative manner the needed documents for corporative inverse auctions, such that they should contain technical specificities on which pharmaceuticals to contract.
The exchange of experiences and good practices for the creation of a Catalog of goods and services.

Assistance to Bolivia 2011

Supplier Registration
Prequalification Registration: Electronic platform – via internet – which registers, consolidates, and accredits, legal records, sales, and financial and technical providers. “Basic Objective: to validate the Compliance with the Regulations in Public Procurement, according to the Law of Public Procurement (19.886)”

Assistance to Colombia 2011

Institutional Capacity
Country experience – Argentina. Institutional Capacity, Good Practices and lessons learned for the adoption process of the new agency of Public Procurement of Colombia.
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