10 December 2018 09:11 AM
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Within the agenda of the Inter-American Network of Government Procurement, the continuous interaction and exchange of experiences among the member institutions of Latin America and the Caribbean has been established as a priority. 

The participation of their directors and specialists in the different activities of the INGP is a clear manifestation of the importance of generating forums for updating, developing new ideas, comparing opinions, socializing, team-building, and collaborating… overall, proving us that we are part of an Inter-American system borne to accelerate progress to all those who are part of it.

The creation of subnets is the initiative destined to develop and promote these spaces for participation and cooperation, with the goal of always ensuring horizontal exchanges directed towards transferring the national and local advancements of leader countries in the process, so that they may be taken as reference for their management.

The design of framework agreements provides the biggest success factors to a methodological solution. For this, you must pay attention to how often and strategic the purchase is...
It is necessary for the governments of Latin America to take a step forward to incorporate and implement ICT in public procurement to facilitate the...
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