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Roles of the President:
  • Convene and coordinate Executive Committee meetings and the Annual Conference.
  • Represent the INGP.
  • Coordinate the support of the Technical Secretariat for the management of resources and access to international cooperation.
  • Lead the implementation of the activities contained in the Annual Work Plan and any other activity that is required for the consolidation and development of the Network.
  • Request the technical and administrative support of the Technical Secretariat of the Network as it is deemed necessary for its proper functioning.
The presidency will be exercised by the President elected by the representatives of the member institutions of the INGP in private session of the Annual Conference. 

The President of the INGP will serve for a period of two (2) years. All representatives of the member countries are eligible to take office as President. 

The nomination can be autonomous or proposed by other member of the INGP. If there is more than one (1) candidate, voting will take place among the members present. 

If the main representative delegates his/her representation to another official, it must comply with the requirements detailed in 6.1. The vote is secret and the election will be according to the quorum established in section 7 of these Statutes.
Cecile Maragh
Cecile Maragh
Procurement and Asset Policy Unit
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