20 Mayo 2019 07:50 AM
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Currently Dominica is in the process of finalizing its Procurement Legislation. The Bill known as Public Procurement and Contract Administration has had the 1st reading in the House of Parliament. In the absence of the Legislation there is not much which can be done in terms of revolutionizing the Procurement methods as well as the Contract Administration procedures currently in use. What is being used at present as guidelines to procure goods, services and works contracts are the procedures stipulated in the Finance Act 1995 and Financial (Stores) Regulations. However these guidelines are outdated and given the great strides being made in Procurement and Contract Administration especially in the prevention of corruption and collusion these guidelines have proven to be deficient.

With the enactment of the Procurement Legislation Dominica would be on par with the other countries in using best practices for the procurement of goods, services and works contracts. The legislation will enable an easier process regarding the decisions to purchase locally, regionally and internationally.

The Act will not only provide clear and distinct guidelines with regards to procurement in all areas as well as contract administration, but it will also authorize the establishment of the critical entities and procedural systems which will assist in revolutionizing the procurement methods and the adoption of best practices. The entities to be established are as follows:-

- a Central Procurement Board,
- a Central Procurement Unit,
- Departmental Procurement Board,
- Chief Procurement Officer,
- Contract Administrator,
- Administrative Appeal and Review Processes,
- Suspension and Debarment Process and the like

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