Verification mechanisms of sustainability criteria in procurement specifications


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In the public sector, the specifications that are required for purchases must be clear and concise (and allow competition and other ingredients according to the regulations of each country).

Due to the large amount of options offered by the market, both in self-declarations of manufacturers as third-party certification, could be detrimental to indicate only a product to be “environmentally friendly” or “socially responsible” and not specify which aspects will be assessed.

Here are a number of examples of socio-environmental statements and their possible use in purchasing processes. Not intended to be an exhaustive list, but illustrative of the variety of options and possibilities of verification that the Administration could use in the purchasing process.

Functions of the Executive Committee

  1. To ensure compliance with the basic standards for the organization and operation of INGP.
  2. Organize technical, budgetary and logistical Annual Conference, in coordination with the Technical Secretariat and the host country.
  3. Keeping the Membership Directory, and prior to this year’s Annual Conference, the Executive Committee will review and update the membership directory.
  4. Receive information, documentation, statements, recommendations and appendices that support the performance of their predecessors.
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Election Period

Each member of the Executive Committee shall be elected for a period of one year and may be re-elected for an additional year.

During the annual conference, will enable a space on the agenda for each geographic area elects its representative on the Executive Committee, which will be the most voted candidate among the countries of the geographical area concerned.

In case where a candidate this area not occupied by the plaza will be choosing a representative for the network based on an open standard. The President in accordance with the Executive Committee may invite the Committee to integrate multilateral agencies that have programs to support the development of public procurement. They participate with voice but no vote.


The Executive Committee consists of five members elected by countries geographical area during the Annual Conference. For the period 2012-2013 the Executive Committee is composed as follows: