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Purpose of the Course:

This online course will guide public officials in the design of procurement policies and preferential purchasing programs that will crowd-in small and medium-size enterprises, minority suppliers and women-owned businesses. It will build the knowledge and skills that will enable public procurement practitioners to integrate environmental and social criteria across the public procurement cycle, from supplier qualification to technical specifications, award criteria and contract conditions.


Main Objectives:

The aim of this course is to provide participants with:
• An understanding of how sustainable public procurement programs are implemented, taking a close look at best practices in the Latin America and Caribbean region.
• Knowhow to design sustainable public procurement policies and programs inclusive of micro, small and medium-size enterprises and vulnerable groups.
• Skills to integrate environmental and social criteria throughout the procurement cycle.


This 8-week course provides a general introduction to Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP).
The course follows a “learning-by-doing” methodology which facilitates the understanding and use of sustainable public procurement criteria.

The course is based on the Handbook “Implementing Sustainable Public Procurement in Latin America and the Caribbean” for the INGP countries.
Guidance to participants will be provided through ongoing tutorial support. Each participant will be required to prepare a final project, putting learning into practice.


1. The Business Case for Sustainable Public Procurement
2. Integrating Sustainability in the Procurement Cycle
3. Getting Started on Sustainable Public Procurement
4. Products Criteria for the Majors Areas of Public Spending
5. Positive Multipliers of Sustainable Public Procurement
6. Sustainable infrastructure

Each module includes required reading assignments, exercises, optional learning materials, a weekly quiz, and discussion forums.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, participants will be able to:
• Understand the environmental, social, and economic benefits of sustainable public procurement.
• Understand the main concepts of sustainable public procurement, including value for money across the lifecycle.
• Design sustainable public procurement policies and programs.
• Integrate sustainability criteria in the public procurement cycle.
• Use specifications, eco-labels and other criteria to improve the social and environmental outcomes of purchases.


A certificate will be issued and awarded by the OAS School of Governance upon approval of course completion.

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