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The Virtual Campus is the area of the Department for Effective Public Management (DEPM) of the Secretariat for hemisoheric Affairs (SHA) through which the Organization of American States (OAS) advances the online training for public officials in the Americas in key areas of public administration. 

These online courses promote a dynamic and participative methodology that offers concrete tools for effective governance. To achieve this, the OAS has provided mechanisms based on participation and cost bands which allow government agencies and other stakeholders to promote these skills among its human resource.  

Likewise, we seek to provide practical tools to thousands of civil servants in the region in the development and implementation of projects and policies to strengthen human and institutional capacities to provide effective public management, development and improvement of democratic governance.   

Within the portfolio of courses offered by the Virtual Campus is the course "Managing Government Procurement", which seeks the professional development of civil servants belonging to the procurement area in methods and best practices to ensure a modern management of contracting and procurement of works, goods and government services. 

The "Management on Government Procurement" online course was prepared by the OAS with the support of international consultants with experience in the Management on Government Procurement systems in Latin America.
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