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INGP activities are presented annually at the Annual Conference of the member countries of the Network to be implemented during the year management backed by support institutions that comprise it.
Annual Conference
The Annual Conference of the Inter-American Network on Government Procurement (INGP), is the highest court of dialogue, exchange, organization and management of INGP, which has become the most important forum for disseminating technical advances in the development of government purchases in the Americas.
These are sub-regional or local meetings among Network members and/or guests, to generate proposals that allow addressing of the challenges that face the Network in accordance with its objectives and goals.
Online Courses
The Virtual Campus of the Department for Effective Public Management (DEPM) of the Secretariat for Political Affairs (SPA) by which the Organization of American States (OAS) promotes the online training for public officials in the Americas on key areas of public administration. 
Web sessions
Facilitate the exchange of experiences and good practices, and automate contact between members RICG.
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